What Time Does Popeyes Close & Open? Popeyes Hours Explained

Have you been struggling to locate Popeyes hours in your area? What is the time that Popeyes is open?

What is the exact time Popeyes is close?

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, which began as a single restaurant it was previously referred to as “Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits” and “Popeyes famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits”.

Popeyes is a well-known American fast-food chain that focuses on fried chicken.

It was established by the year 1972. It was founded in New Orleans, and its headquarters are in Florida (Miami).

It is currently an affiliate that is part of the Toronto-based Restaurant Brands International.

In the same way that KFC is the biggest chicken restaurant chain, Popeyes is the second.

It has 3,102 restaurants spread across 46 states and in thirty other countries.

Thirty Popeyes locations are owned by the company and the rest are franchised.

For Popeyes’s diverse locations, go to the link below.

Once you’ve found your state you can click it and all the Popeyes places will appear.

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If you’d like to go to the Popeyes branch close to you in California it is necessary to locate California Popeyes branches on this list:

What Time Does Popeyes Close & Open? Popeyes Hours Explained

If you locate California Click on the link.

The list will be for every California branch.

When you have found the branch you were searching for, just press it and you’ll receive the Popeyes hours in detail.

You’ll be able to obtain all the information you require regarding Popeyes hours, for instance:

What is the time Popeyes open?

What is the time that Popeyes is close?

This is what it looks as it appears on the Popeyes website that lists Fremont branch information:

What Time Does Popeyes Close & Open? Popeyes Hours Explained

What Time Does Popeyes Close?

With thousands of locations, Popeyes locations that open and close times aren’t all identical.

While the closing and opening times do not differ in any way from one another It is recommended to verify the hours prior to making your way to the Popeyes store near your home.

The Popeyes hours may vary in accordance with the city, state and franchise owner or holidays.

What is the time that Popeyes is close? Here’s an example of the various Popeyes closing times:

In this location, Fermont Popeyes (in the image above) the Fridays, as well as Saturdays, end at 10:00 PM. The Azusa location closes at 11:00 pm on those the same days of the week.

Click here (Info taken from Popeyes site):

What Time Does Popeyes Close?

To summarize, for Popeyes hours, visit the Popyese website to locate a store.

It provides all Popeyes information required, including answers to the questions like what is the time that Popeyes closes and when does the Popeyes open.

On weekdays, Popeyes time is from 10:00 AM to midnight the days of Monday to Friday at many locations.

The weekend is the time for operating times that are typically similar.

This means that Popeyes has to be open from 10 am to 12 AM on Saturdays also. Popeyes’ hours of operation on Sundays start during normal opening hours at 10 AM, however, they typically close the doors to customers an hour earlier than the norm until 11 PM. In short, Popeyes opens at 10 am Monday through Sunday, and closes at midnight every day with an exception of one hour earlier on Sundays..

Although the Popeyes times are not specific in nature and might not be applicable to your specific location, however, they are generally accepted and could change up to an hour or two.

Some stores, for instance, close at 11 pm every night. Other stores may be open until 11:30 AM. The following information will guide you to your exact Popeyes hours of operating hours.

There’s another method to find out when is when Popeyes open and at the time at which Popeyes close.

To determine Popeyes times right, you can make use of Google Maps.

Here’s the URL: https://www.google.com/maps/search/popeyes

Time Does Popeyes Close Near Me


What comes in Popeyes $5 box?

No matter if you purchase the $5 or the $6 Big Box it will come with identical menu selections. The package includes two portions of Popeye’s famous bone-in chicken or three tenders of chicken along with two standard dishes and biscuits. It all comes in a handy box.

How long does Popeyes last unrefrigerated?

How Long Does Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Last? As per the United States Department of Agriculture, the chicken that is cooked can be kept cool for 2 hours, or up to an hour in the event that the temperature stays over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

How spicy is Popeyes chicken?

How Spicy Is Popeyes Spicy Chicken Sandwich? The spiced version tastes mild and surprisingly warm. The traditional flavour is sweet and well blended with pickles. not too spicy, but slightly too hot. There are four ingredients in this recipe each of which is fairly easy to make.

What is Popeyes blackened chicken?

The sandwich swaps the fried portion for an unbattered chicken filet cooked with a blend of blackened spices according to the website. The chicken is sandwiched between a brioche bun that has been toasted with mayonnaise and pickles.