www.tellaldi.com – Tell Aldi Survey UK – WIN £100 vouchers!

www.tellaldi.com – Tell Aldi Survey UK

Tell ALDI Survey is an online survey that is administered through the Tell ALDI store to share your experiences shopping with them through Tell ALDI Survey on TellAldi.com.

The survey is comprised of questions. Upon taking this ALDI Customer Survey, the person who took the survey has 10 chances to take home PS100 in Aldi vouchers. 

If you’re a customer and you’ve recently been to the ALDI superstore in order to use some services, you are able to complete their survey and submit your honest feedback at Tell ALDI the Guest Experience Survey.

About ALDI Customer Feedback Survey

Tell Aldi supermarket store has branches spread across twenty countries, with 10,000 stores in total. To gather feedback from different customers they have launched ALDI Client Satisfaction Survey on their website www.tellaldi.us.

The reason for taking these surveys is to enhance the services based on customer loyalty. This also helps in managing the negative aspects that clients have looked for in order to provide quality support. 

www.tellaldi.com – Tell Aldi Survey UK

ALDI Survey quantifies the satisfaction of the customer with the recent experience. ALDI Store Customer Survey ALDI Store’s Customer Survey empowers ALDI customers to share their valuable feedback and suggestions in the business that encourages them to grow even more.

The principal reason for directing this survey is to collect authentic information from its customers. Following the completion of the survey, the group is responsible for managing and breaking down the information and making modifications when upgrades are needed.

In the event that you’ve visited this ALDI store to purchase something, you can share your feedback and suggestions to aid the store’s efforts for improvements.

Tellaldi Survey Rewards www.tellaldi.com

If you complete the survey You stand a chance of receiving PS100 worth of Aldi vouchers upon your survey is completed. However, to benefit from the offer you must know the rules of this survey.

Rules for Tell Aldi Survey

  • The person who is taking the survey must be in the UK.
  • The client’s age must be older than 16 years.
  • He should have an email address.
  • The prizes that are won cannot be redeemed unless awarded.
  • One entry is permitted per survey invitation.
  • The client can take home a prize within the 12-week time frame.
  • Employees or members who are associated with the store aren’t permitted to take part in the TellAldi Survey.

Requirement For Tell ALDI Survey

There are certain rules that have been set by your retailer before you can conduct your online surveys.

  • The speed of your internet should be adequate.
  • You must be using a laptop, or tablet computer.
  • An email id
  • A receipt from a purchase that tells Aldi purchase from a store
  • You should be able to speak English.

How to take the Aldi survey at www.tellaldi.com?

Once you have met the required steps and read the rules, you’re able to complete the survey in just several easy steps.

How to take Aldi survey at www.tellaldi.com

  • Go to the official website of this store: TellAldi.com to start your survey.
  • Take note of the directions before you open your screen. They have included in the rules as well as terms and conditions and the policy.
  • To begin the survey, enter your TellAldi Survey Code that appears on the receipt of purchase at ALDI. ALDI store. After that, click”Continue.
  • There will be a limited number of survey questions that will be made available to gauge the level of satisfaction of the person conducting the survey for ALDI.
  • Give ratings, and be sure to answer every question to your satisfaction in different situations.
  • Once you’re done when you are done you will need to complete your personal information such as your name address, address, email or contact number so you will be eligible to win sweepstakes entries and prizes.
  • You will receive a notification shortly that informs you that you’ve entered the contest.


The discussion was brief on Tell ALDI’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. All the steps as well as the rules and regulations were shared. For more details and information please use the form that you can use to post your feedback in the comments.

FAQs For Tell Aldi Survey UK

How much cheaper is Aldi really?

The claim made is that the groceries purchased at Aldi represented savings of 42% versus the other grocery store. While 42% is tremendous savings, the ad immediately struck me as flawed and unfair because it wasn’t comparing apples to apples (so to speak).

Is Aldi closing all stores?

Sarah Sinclair, 27, popped into the shop for bread and milk with her boyfriend’s brother Luke Miller, 25, just before closing. But while they were browsing the aisles staff seemingly finished their shifts and by the time the pair got the checkout, the shop was empty.