Lululemon Return Policy – The Tips & Tricks

Before we get into the Lululemon tips and tricks, here are some Lululemon facts that you probably don’t know.

Some of them are truly amazing!

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lululemon

  • Chip Wilson founded Lululemon in 1998.
  • It is a Canadian company.
  • They also make Yoga wear such as shorts and shirts, as well yoga accessories like yoga mats and blocks.
  • They create clothing for me and for women.
  • They strive to be an educator in living a healthier life and not just in the clothing business.
  • They had 500 stores in the top locations by 2020.
  • They employ 19000 people worldwide (2020).
  • In 2007, they went public and sold 18.2 million shares to raise $327.6 million.
  • Christine Day, an ex-co-president at Starbucks, was appointed chief executive officer in 2008.
  • The company sued Calvin Klein and G-III Apparel Group in 2012 for infringing the patents on the yoga pants 3 design.

Lululemon Return Policy

How Does The Lululemon Return Policy Work?

Are you looking to make a Lululemon Return?

Don’t worry.

Lululemon’s return policy is simple and free.

These are the key guidelines.

These are the steps to follow for a hassle-free return to Lululemon

What is the Lululemon Return Timeframe?

If you’re doubting your decision regarding your Lululemon purchase, you can exchange it in 30-days from the date of purchase.

(Note that during holidays the timeframe for returning is extended)

What are the Lululemon Return Conditions?

As per Lululemon policies on returns, items returned must be brand new not worn and washed.

The hangtag must be placed on the object.

A receipt of purchase must be included.

Be aware that gift cards are not the same as “We made too” Many items are not returned by Lululemon.

What Are The 2 Options To Return My Order to Lululemon?

According to Lululemon’s return policy, these are the 2 return methods:

  1. Return to store
  2. Return by mail.

Are There Exceptions To The Lululemon Return Policy?

There are some items that aren’t returnable once bought. the items that aren’t returnable Lululemon items include:

  1. Gift cards.
  2. Products are from the Lululemon “We Did Too Much” section.

These two sections are for sale at the end of the day.

So, they can’t be exchanged or returned.

Can I Return a “Like New” Lululemon Piece?

Visit the Like-new returns portal

It will ask you your name, as well as your order number.

The order ID is located on the confirmation of your purchase.

After completing the process, you’ll be issued a return authorization number and specific instructions for returning.

Do Lululemon Cover the Return shipping costs?

No, they don’t.

If you wish to return a Lululemon item, the Lululemon return policy states that you need to pay the return costs.

How Can I Make A Lululemon Online Return?

To return your Lululemon purchase and get exchange to the payment method that you originally used then take these simple steps:

  • Go to the return page to begin a return.
  • Make your own shipping labels.
  • Place your items back in the shipping container that is reusable.
  • Attach the shipping label on the exterior of the box. Attach the shipping label to the outside of the.
  • Be sure that the barcode on your label is clearly visible.
  • If you reside in Canada Find a FedEx address.
  • If you are in the US Find a FedEx address or USPS.
  • Take your parcel to the drop-off point.

When Will I Get My Lululemon Refund?

You’ll receive your money back within three to five business days of getting your parcel.

After a refund transaction occurred the customer will be informed by email.

Can I Return An Online Order To A Store?


If you purchased you Lululemon from one of the North American Lululemon locations, in accordance with the Lululemon return policy, you are able to return it at the nearest North American Lululemon store.

Please be aware that, according to the return policy of Lululemon, there are two exceptions to this policy:

  1. “Like New” returns are currently not accepted by stores.
  2. Your order cannot be returned to Lululemon outlets.

Can I Get A Refund If I Paid Online Using PayPal?

You can’t claim the money back if you made use of PayPal in order to make payment for an online Lululemon purchase.

However, don’t worry:

You can obtain an amount of credit on a present card such as AMEX, Visa or MasterCard.

How Does Lululemon Exchange Policy Work?

Do you want to exchange a Lululemon purchase on the internet (or at a store)?

All you have to do is locate the nearest store of Lululemon, and Lululemon employees will be more than happy to help you with the Lululemon exchange.

It is crucial to remember:

Per Lululemon exchange policy:

Exchanges are possible but only be done within the Lululemon store.

It is possible that you cannot exchange your Lulu item on the internet.

Lululemon Replacement Policy – Can I Return a Lululemon Item in a Different Country?

According to the Lululemon policies on replacement, in the event that you purchased Lululemon within either the US or Canada but have changed your mind about your purchase, then you may return it, or get it reimbursed or given gift cards in one of the Lululemon’s North American stores.

You may also get credit to an existing gift card through mail within the country that you purchased it:

Be aware that the value of your return item will be in the currency of the country that is processing your returned items.

How Can I Find A Lululemon Near Me?

You can find the closest Lululemon in Lululemon’s store list here.

Can I Return a Lululemon gift?


If you want to return the item you received from the Lululemon gift the only thing you have to do is create a free online return, or alternatively find the closest store and then go there to make the return.

Exchanges are not permitted. only be made in-store.

You cannot change an item from Lululemon on the internet.

I Bought A Lululemon Swimwear. Can I Return It?


Don’t forget: Lululemon’s return policy requires you to return the swimwear with the hygienic liner intact.

What Do I Need To Do If My Return Doesn’t Meet The Lululemon Return Policy Conditions?

Lululemon is always willing to assist.

You can begin your call to Lululemon customer service by clicking here or visiting any store in your area.

How Does Lululemon Like New Program Work?

It is Lululemon Like New is a new program designed to enhance the longevity and sustainability of clothing by allowing customers to exchange in good-condition items for credit.

The clothes are being revived to allow them to be sold again and ensure that it’s safe, clean and as good as new.

It’s currently in operation as a pilot, active in Texas as well as California.

Can I Return a Lululemon Like New Order?

If the Lululemon Like New product does not meet your expectations, you are able to return it on the internet after a period of 30 days.

Go to the Lululemon Like-new returns portal Enter your name and the details of your order, (Your order ID can be found on your purchase confirmation) and request an authorization number to return your order and return instructions.

I Started a Return Process, How Do I Know If It Has Arrived At Lululemon?

Lululemon’s return policy enables you to easily track your return shipment here.

Lululemon Return Policy FAQs

What is the Lululemon return policy?

Are there conditions for RETURNS and exchanges? Yes. If you’re having doubts regarding your equipment If your purchase was within 30 days, you can return it. The product must be undamaged and undamaged with hangtags attached and accompanied by the proof for purchase.

Can you return something to Lululemon without a receipt?

In the absence of an original receipt or credit card in hand, in-store returns are returned to the credit card. Check out the return policies at: If you’d like to discuss more with us, make sure to send us a message.

Can you return Lululemon leggings if they have a hole?

Lululemon offers repair and hemming for free, even if you’ve purchased second-hand items. Lululemon gives free Hemming on bottoms and tops and you don’t have to present any receipts or tags. Even if you bought the item previously the retailer can perform this change upon request.