Ikea Return Policy – What Should You Know?

Ikea Return Policy – Is it Possible to Return My Purchase to Ikea?

Ikea’s return policy permits the buyer to change their mind after purchasing, and honestly, it’s a lot and plenty of time to make that decision.

There aren’t any stores that can provide such a lengthy time of change of mind as Ikea as you will quickly observe on other return policies reviews.

What is the timeframe for returning my purchase to Ikea?

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your IKEA buy, you are able to take it back to IKEA.

If the item is not open, you are able to return the item within the 365-day period of purchase (which is an extremely large time frame) to receive a full cash refund.

Ikea Return Policy

If your purchase has been opened, you’re allowed to return it to Ikea at any time, but this time after one year from the date of purchase, to receive a return.

You’ll need to bring three things to the airport, in order:

  • Your receipt.
  • Your ID
  • The item you would like to return is in good condition and unopened.

The Ikea return policy guidelines are crucial if you want an easy return or exchange.

When you return your items, they will be inspected after return by Ikea employees.

One thing that we strongly recommend you keep in mind and confirm prior to beginning your Ikea return process is:

It is clear in the Ikea return policy is clear that if the returned item is found to be different than the condition they were in when they first purchased them or unclean, damaged or discoloured by any means:

If you are in any of the scenarios mentioned above, you are likely not to be reimbursed by Ikea.

Are there exceptions to the Ikea Return Policy?

Yes, there are exclusions to Ikea the return policies. The Ikea return policy is not applicable to the following products:

  • Plants They aren’t able to return to Ikea
  • Cut fabric can’t be replaced with Ikea
  • Custom countertops aren’t able to be returned to Ikea
  • Items sold as-is The products are sold at reduced prices which means they are not returnable.
  • Mattresses: They can be exchanged only once for a refund within the 90-day timeframe.

How Do I Return an Item to Ikea?

In accordance with Ikea policies on returns, customers are allowed to return their items to Ikea using one of two methods:

  1. Ikea online return is valid only for online purchases Small items
  2. Return to the store.

How Does Ikea Online Return Work?

To start using with Ikea online return process all you have to do is enter your delivery address and order numbers and follow the Ikea instructions for online returns.

You can also begin with the Ikea returns online process, by entering the email you have (at the same address as previously).

Is There An Ikea Location Near Me?

Ikea manages more than 360 stores around the world! If you’re in search of an Ikea store near you, try the Ikea store locater.

When you find the closest Ikea store, you must visit the Exchanges & Returns department at the store and follow their directions.

How Do I Exchange an Ikea Item?

According to Ikea policies on the exchange, it is possible to be allowed to change an Ikea product without hassle.

All you have to bring is to you these items:

  1. The item you would like to exchange
  2. Your ID
  3. Your receipt for purchase (or online confirmation of purchase)
  4. The credit card was used to complete the purchase.

My Order Is Missing an Item. What Can I do?

In accordance with the Ikea policy on returns If your purchase is damaged or has been lacking an item, you should call the Ikea customer service or locate an Ikea store close to you.

Ikea customer service will work to solve your issue.

Do you have a damaged product?

You’ll be asked to bring the receipt to the shop with you.

What is the Ikea Refund Policy?

Ikea Refunds are processed using the same form of payment that was originally used to purchase the Ikea purchase.

Is Ikea Mattress Return Policy Different Than The Regular Ikea Return Policy?

Yes, it is true that the Ikea returns policy for mattresses differs. You are able to exchange the mattress 30 days from the date of purchase.

Please be aware:

You can only do this exchange one time. If you aren’t satisfied with the mattress you received then you won’t be able to replace your Ikea mattress with another.

Ikea Return Without Receipt – Is That Possible?

In the event that you have lost your receipt, but you’re still looking to exchange your Ikea order… then:

Ikea’s return policy doesn’t actually refer to this option however it is often the case to lose receipts in the time frame you’re allowed to return your items.

We highly suggest contacting Ikea’s customer support in this instance.

Ikea employees will likely be willing to assist you, and also search for the receipt of the purchase.

But, as per Ikea returns policy they’re not used to doing that.

It’s best to save the Ikea purchase receipt for any issue that could arise in the future.

It is important to be in the good books.

How Do I get in touch with Ikea?

It is also the Ikea customer service number:


You can also chat directly with an Ikea representative through the chat feature on their website.

Ikea Return Policy FAQs

Can you return an opened item to IKEA?

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the quality of your IKEA purchase, you are able to return the item, unused and in its original packaging within 365 days with receipt of purchase, to receive an entire refund. You can also return opened items within 180 days of purchase, along with your proof of purchase to receive a full refund.

Can I return an item to IKEA without a receipt?

The return deadline for IKEA products is the same for items purchased without receipts  you can return the item within 365 days of purchase. items that are brand new and not opened and 180 days to exchange opened products.

How do I return a large item to IKEA?

You may return the complete or a portion of your purchase to the nearest IKEA store or Order and Collection Point. Take your Order Confirmation email along with the delivery receipt and payment card that you made payment for this product(s).

Can I return IKEA furniture after 1 year?

While IKEA’s official policy prohibits returns after the 365-day period, employees at various IKEA stores are able to accept returns beyond that period, provided that the item is not in use, is listed in the IKEA database it is also in a resaleable state.